Hi Guys,

I am an independent crypto analyst and educator who loves to talk about cryptos and share the knowledge to people and empowering them to make their lives better. When I started learning blockchain and cryptocurrencies, I was really not aware with the power it has that can change our lives. The beauty of blockchain and cryptocurrencies lies in their technology which is decentralized and no one can manipulate.

I came to know about blockchain and bitcoin in 2014 and from then it became my passion and I learnt continuously about it and finally decided to share my knowledge through my blog.

Apart from blogging and sharing knowledge about cryptos, I love to design. I am a professional designer and developer who is offering design and programming services since long.

I hope my experiences and knowledge will let you guys help to become aware about cryptocurrencies and blockchain. I will also try to help you guys in increasing your wealth through cryptos.

Hope to come with a lot of knowledge through this blog. If you have any feedback to share with me. Please email me @ cryptoloverz4u@gmail.com