Bitcoin fever is growing day by day. Looking at its potential growth, investors or even general public is getting attracted toward buying this digital currency. Through this is available in almost most of the countries still due to the high price of bitcoin many people are unable to buy it.

All of us in any way try to get something invested with bitcoin. And why not? It has made many of us grow their wealth limitless. Thus, people who find themselves unable to invest in bitcoin can still get this without investing their money. But you have to invest some of your time and can surely get bitcoin absolutely for free.

There are several resources available to get bitcoin for free. I am mentioning Top 5 best resources of earning bitcoin by faucet, surveys and advertisement. Faucet is a process where you get free bitcoin as a giveaway by the companies offering faucet. These giveaways may be in some interval of time like hourly, weekly or monthly. Some of the listed websites also offer free bitcoin through ad clicking and surveys. Here is the list-

  1. Freebitcoin
    This website is really quite popular and offering bitcoin for free from such a long time. You can simple register on website and start earning your bitcoin for free. You get free bitcoin in every 1 hour by rolling and getting random number. Each random number provides you free bitcoin. They claim to win up to $200 in free bitcoins. You can also play HI/LO game from the balance bitcoin in your freebitcoin wallet and can increase your bitcoin. There is also a weekly lottery which you can buy and get chance to win.
  2. MagicBitcoin
    You can also earn bitcoin from this site. They claim to pay up to 2,100 Satoshi every hour. You can claim free satoshi in every interval of time which you can set in your account.
  3. Bonusbitcoin
    Bonusbitcoin is also a god website to get free bitcoin. You can claim free bitcoins here through faucet, Surveys etc.
  4. BTCClicks
    BTCClicks also offers free bitcoins through checking advertisements. You can earn decent amount of satoshi every day by watching ads from this website.
  5. Bitlucky
    You can earn on Bitlucky though faucet, coin flipper, ads and surveys. You have to register using your bitcoin wallet address.

These are some good websites offering you free bitcoin. You have to only invest your time and you can start earning. As all you know price of bitcoin has increased a lot compared to its initial price so according to that ratio of earning free bitcoin has been decreased. So efforts are also increased at the same time to generate free bitcoins. But who knows small earning of today could be huge wealth for tomorrow. So time is always now. Start investing your time to generate wealth for the future. All the best!!!

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