In earlier article I discussed and suggested some good websites to get bitcoin in free using faucets. Now I have some great resources where you can earn bitcoin in free without much efforts and it is really simple.

Potential of free earning through mining is really excellent and here I am providing you with some best of the resources.

  1. BitMiner
    This is one of my favorite bitcoin mining website and you would be amazed to see the free bitcoin earning using this website. You just need to register your account through your bitcoin address and then bitcoin mining will start automatically. This is totally free but you can also buy their mining packages if you want to increase your earning capabilities. But I would recommend you to first earn bitcoin using free account and after collecting enough just buy the package from your earnings. You won’t need to pay from your pocket.
    BitMiner - free and simple next generation Bitcoin mining software
    (I am still checking with this one. Will confirm on this post if I get my first withdrawal. Do not make any deposits until we are sure about it)
  2. SpaceMining
    This is another mining website where you can start mining in free. After singing up from your email and password they will setup your account and will provide 100 GH/s mining speed just for free. You do not have to do anything, mining will automatically start as soon as your account will be initiated.
    Further, they also offer you to buy more mining speed but again earn something and then invest those earnings for increasing your capabilities.SpaceMining Banner
  3. Eobot
    Eobot is another highly recommend mining platform. To start mining from Eobot, just register your account using your email. For mining through this website  you must have some amount in your account to buy their mining cloud contracts which you can earn through faucet earning. Faucet earning can be done once a day.
    There are many coins which you can mine here so initially just focus to get free earnings from faucet and then invest that amount to buy their cloud mining contracts.
    In the beginning you would feel a bit difficult to increase your amount but guys once you will earn enough to purchase their mining clouds, I am sure soon you would be able to mine coins much faster. It is all about some initial efforts on this website but possibilities are immense.

Final words I would like to add here that free bitcoin earning may seem a bit time consuming in the beginning but if you are committed to put your time then you would see the potentials yourself. Invest some of your time not the money and see the results. Happy earning from bitcoin mining 🙂

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