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Can’t Stash in Tornado Cash

Was busy surviving the BEAR, but I am back with more content and stuff. Not that you care anon, but I do. WAGMI! In today’s saga we are going to speak blenders and mixers , particularly about Tornado Cash and what is going on with it because for sure it got a lot of attention […]

Talk to me Goose

When he needs guidance, Maverick always channels his late friend and co-pilot Goose. If you haven’t seen Top Gun go watch it and also watch Top Gun:Maverick. In my personal opinion sometimes we need some 80’s cheesy ness, specially now with this crazy market and world that we are living in.   We also need a […]

3 Reasons why you need to embrace Self-Custody

Self-Custody sounds like a strange concept when we talk about it because we have been used to deposit our savings at a bank, utilizing brokerage accounts, and storing our crypto in exchanges.  By taking our assets into self-custody we assume the full risk of ownership and are responsible to account for them.  This might sound […]

Big Daddy Bitcoin

I called this post “Big Daddy Bitcoin” because Bitcoin is the OG Crypto Currency. Also because it will probably make maxis happy and they will read my content. Tweet after tweet I read how “Bitcoin is the Truth in a chaotic world and the solution to all of our problems.” Bitcoin is not going to […]

A Brief History of NFTs

What in the world is an NFT? NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token.  Unlike big daddy Bitcoin or your local 1 dollar bill which are 2  fungible examples,  NFTs are non-fungible meaning they are unique assets with different utilities and characteristics that are stored in the blockchain. But WTF does fungible mean?  Stepping back this means […]

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