What is Cloud Token?

In simple terms cloud token is a blockchain which is used to perform automatic arbitrage trading and earn money. It is based on AI (Artificial Intelligence), which does automatic arbitrage trading and generates income.

Now the question comes what is arbitrage trading? So in simple words Arbitrage Trading is a trading methodology which is used to trade currencies, tokens or digital assets between different platforms or exchanges to accumulate profits by buying and selling similar digital asset, token or currency from one platform to another in exchange of price difference gap to make profits.

Hype of Cloud Token in the market

As soon as this token came into existence on 12th of may 2019, it has been promoted by big marketers and influencers among the web. Reasons of getting such a popularity and hype are very easy to understand and listed below-

1. Big names behind the project
2. concept of the project and its technology
3. Easy to make an investment
4. Minimum amount of 500 USD only to start with an investment
5. Profit percentages are very high (they claim around 0.3% per day or around 8-12% per month)
6. Just holding your money their to make profits.
7. No locking period to withdraw your investment (subjected to 8% withdrawal fees if you make a withdraw before 1 month)

So there are tons of reasons behind the popularity of this project all over the internet.

Now the thing is that if the project is trustworthy? So the answers is simple that we can’t estimate exactly if a project will be successful or not. We can only predict its future by looking at the features and other aspects of the project.

Looking at the popularity reasons and many other factors most of the big names are recommending it till date and due to low amount of investment it is not like much risky.

So if you want to plan to invest in this project then also make your own studies and try to collect as much information as you want and then make a decision to invest in it. We are only trying to educate you here about this new investment plan so choice is only yours.

Further to discuss if we even think at the negative sides of the project then we can only find that the company is very new so do not have much credibility except the popular faces and high level of promotion by known marketing guys so that could probably a good reason also to make an investment with this project. Also in any case we can conclude from our past experiences that any new project at least takes 6-7 months to grow and become mature so that much time is sufficient to gain profits and exist from the project if we have any doubt or uncertainty. So early entry and early exit can put us on safe side.

We would also suggest you guys to start making withdrawals as soon as you start earning so that you can at least cover your principal value and be on safe side.

What could be the unexpected thing?

We have discussed major features and the highlights of the project and what makes it attracting for investors. Now after studying more int this project we can share you something unexpected in terms of returns it could provide to you.

Today, the price of this token is about 0.39 cents which is around 30% high than its initial price of 0.30 cents. As per the thoughts of many investors, marketing strategist, the price of cloud token can easily go more than 3-4 USD and you can yourself calculate how big it can provide you the profits.

Compensation Plan

Apart from investing in the cloud token you can also earn though its intuitive compensation plan. They pay you for every referral you make. You can simple get the referral code from the mobile app and can share it with your friends and relatives.
below screenshot is a table showing you matching bonus as per your level.

Cloud Token Compensation Plan

How to join?

Now the main thing to share is that Cloud Token is providing you an opportunity to generate passive income just by holding your money with them. It sounds crazy and yes it is. So how you can make investment with them? Let’s learn this point by point-

  • First you have to download their Mobile App wallets available for both Android Wallet and IOS Wallet.
  • Now you have to register by using Referral code – 5110144089
  • Now just put your mobile app password (try to make it strong)
  • Now put payment password (this password is used at the time of making withdrawals)
  • Now just write the phases in your notebook (I will prefer writing it on paper)
  • Now on next screen just confirm the phase in same sequences as you seen in the previous screen.
  • It’s done and Cloud Token Wallet is ready to use.

So now you have registered successfully and now you have to start your investment in the provided cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ethereum etc. In order to deposit just click on any preferred currency and click on deposit. Now just make deposit on the address listed here. All done!

Now you have to click on investment and assign your investment out of the currency you deposited. Make sure you make an investment of minimum 500 USD to get an income.

Once you invest the required amount you will start getting daily profits.

Disclaimer- The above information or any article published on this website is just for educational purposes. We do not force you for any kind of investment without learning and getting proper knowledge. For any loses due to investment in such plans and schemes, you would be responsible at your own. We encourage you to learn all the aspects and other important factors by yourself before going for any investment scheme.


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