It will surely make you rich!!! Best ICO to be launched soon. Join with Power!!!

After a long analysis on different ICOs, I am finally here with an amazingly strong ICO for you guys. I love ICOs if these are secure, having a great team behind and of course power to provide you a huge profit.

So guys ready to join this upcoming ICO which is going to be start on 15th January 2018. And here is the ICO.

DIGITEX is a commission-free futures exchange with its own native crypto currency, the DGTX token.

Strong Features of DIGITEXICO

  •  Zero Trading Fees
  • One Click Trading Interface
  • Digitex Native Cryptocurrency
  • Large Tick Sizes
  • Decentralized Governance By Blockchain
  • Bitcoin, Ethereum & Litecoin Futures
  • Advanced Technology
  • Complete Privacy
  • Decentralized Account Balances
  • Highly Liquid Futures Markets
  • Token Issuance Revenue Model
  • Automated Market Makers
  • Off-Chain Negotiation & On-Chain Settlement
  • High Leverage Futures Trading
  • Blockchain Driven
  • No Auto Deleveraging

Features of the ICO are endless and it’s going to be a hit and you can get huge profits. Team behind this ICO is very strong.

Adam Todd is the founder and CEO of this ICO who is Ex pit-trader on the London International Financial Futures & Options Exchange (LIFFE)

You can check more details of the ICO here

DGTX​ ​Token​ ​Sale JAN 15TH 2018

Below is table showing you stats about its availability and its price

Price per Token$0.01
DGTX Tokens Available700,000,000
1st Week Bonus20%
Accepted CurrencyETH (Ethereum)
Sale Duration30 days
Total DGTX Supply1,000,000,000

Expecting to be a great ICO in 2018. Join with full force.


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