TREZOR Bitcoin Wallet The original and most secure hardware wallet-device

There are several hardware wallets available worldwide to store your cryptocurrency and assure the safety. With growing market cap in crypto market it is quite necessary that one should make sure that he/she must take all precautions to safeguard their cryptocurrency.

Trezor is one of the most popular cryptocurrency hardware wallet available online. You can buy it from their website directly but there must be certain points you must keep in mind before ordering this wallet.

Before buying this wallet you must make sure that it keeps all the coins which you want to store. Trezor for now doesn’t store all crypto coins. For now it supports these crypto coins.

Once you are assured that i will store the cryptocurrency you want to safeguard then it’s the time to buy this now. Just land to their website

TREZOR Bitcoin Wallet The original and most secure hardware wallet

Now go to shop link or click on Get your TREZOR button. It will open shop page where you can choose your device and other accessories available. Just add the required model and accessories you can go to checkout page and make the payment. After you make the payment successfully you will receive similar email on your registered email ID with them as below-

You shop account will also created after your successful order where you can check your transaction, recent orders, update your address etc. Now your order will be dispatched and shipping company will handle its delivery to your country.

One important thing to remember here is that you will need to pay additionally for shipping. Shipping will be calculated as per your location.  For example in India shipping will be done by DHL in most of the cases. You will get an email from them to first fill your KYC. Here is an example-

Just fill the KYC as it is very much required to get the delivery of your Trezor device in India. Now all done you will have to wait for your device to get delivered.

You will have to pay approx 5000 INR in India for shipping charges alone. So be ready to pay this amount. You will have to pay this to shipping person who will come with the package.

Check the package and make sure it must not be damaged from anywhere and also check the device package once received. In case of any doubt about packaging you must further contact to trezor support and let them know about the issue.

Never ever use a device received in damaged or non sealed package.

So hope this article will help you guys in buying your Trezor hardware wallet successfully.

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