Here in this article, you will understand restoring your tokenpay windows wallet. Restore can only be done if you have backup of your wallet. If you haven’t taken your wallet backup then check this link “How to take backup of your tokenpay windows wallet” before reading this article.

So now you are ready to restore your wallet. Restoring can be done using 2 methods. 1st is importing wallet using password and recovery phrase and 2nd is replacing default wallet.dat file with your backup wallet.dat file.

Method 1 – Importing wallet using password and recovery phrase


In this method you should have wallet password and recovery phrase which you get at the time of setting up your new wallet. So if you have this just open TokenPay executable file.


Now go to wallet Management -> import wallet option from left hand side options.

As soon as you click on “Next Step” button, your wallet will be imported with this congrats screen.

Now you can check it from “Wallet -> Receive” option.

Method 1 – Restoring wallet by replacing default “wallet.dat” file with backup “wallet.dat” file

Before proceeding with this step make sure you do not have any useful wallets, transactions etc in your tokenpay wallet app. Because once you will replace default file you won’t be able to recover any existing details.


You will have a backup file named “wallet.dat” with you which you got by following this article. Now you just need to replace default file with this one.

Go to C:\Users\<your_windows_username>\AppData\Roaming\TokenPay

repalce <your_windows_username> with your computer’s username like this.


Now you would be able to see a wallet.dat file. This is default file which creates automatically when you open tokenpay app for the first time and all activities like transactions, wallet addresses are timely stored in this file. So now just replace this default file with the “wallet.dat” file you have saved with you.

So you have successfully resorted your wallet and all the transactions.


Now you can open tokenpay app and check your backed up address there. All information which was backed up last will be visible in windows tokenpay app.

That is all for restoring your tokenpay windows wallet. Hope you guys will be able to do it now.

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2 thoughts on “How to Recover your TokenPay Windows Wallet?

  1. Hi,
    I had to reinstall windows so also needed to reinstall tokenpay.
    How can i restore my wallet if i didnt make a backup?
    I do have the recovery phrase, i also know the wallet adress.
    I did enter the recovery phrase in the import wallet seciton but i still cannot see my wallet at the wallet–>receive section.


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