In this article I will show you step by step procedure to setup Tokenpay Andoid wallet.


First download Tokenpay app on android. make sure it has following app and author names.

App name – TokenPay Android Wallet ($TPAY)

Author Name – dogedDEV

See screenshot here and match all details from here-


Now click on “Create A New Wallet” button.



In next screen you will be given recovery phrase which you have to copy to some safe place. Either it may be your cmputer’s notepad or physical paper.


Also make sure “I have safely store my recovery phrase” check box is selected and then press Next Button.


Now on this screen, you will be asked for the same recovery phrase which was given on previous screen. So just type or copy/paste that in the text field given here. And then press Next Button.

You can also skip this step by pressing Skip text and can directly jump to the next step. But I will recommend you to enter your recovery phrase once just to make sure you have stored the correct phrase.


Now just setup a strong password for your wallet so that no one can easily enter into your wallet. This step is also optional but again for extra security, I would highly recommend you to set your password.


Click Next to proceed next.


Choose Tokenpay in this screen and then click FINISH button


You have finally setup your wallet and now a few steps left to create your wallet address. You will get this screen by default.


Swipe left or click on receive tab and you will be able to see your default address. Leave this and create a new address by clicking on top right 3 dots icon (its flyout menu).


Click on  “New Address” on this menu.


A popup will appear and will ask you for name of this new address. Type any name you like and Press OK


Your new wallet address is now ready which you ca use on TokenPay website to submit in your wallet section in order to receive your tokens.


Finally, you are ready to submit this address in your tokenpay website. Just login into your account on website.

Go to “Wallet” section and just copy and paste your new address and click submit

You are all done 🙂 Finally, your wallet address is submitted to receive your tokens.

 UpdateAfter submitting address you will see a message in green box saying “Success! Please check your email to confirm the address”.

You may get confused here as you may not receive any email from TokenPay. To confirm if your address has been submitted correctly, just log out from account and login back and check wallets and if your address is visible there, it means it has been submitted successfully.

Tokenpay team will start transferring tokens from 18th to 31st January 2018.

Update 2 –  Here is an important update from TokenPay Team

Yesterday we had some issues with the website causing confusion regarding the wallet addresses and confirmation emails. In the next couple of hours we will send an email to all members where you have to confirm your wallet address! Make sure it’s the same address that you entered in the submit box. Once you confirm your wallet address it will be locked and you can NOT change your wallet address any more. So we will send the coins to that address. We will not send the coins right away after you click the button “confirmed” We will start sending coins in batches but only to accounts that have confirmed their wallet addresses. If you don’t confirm your wallet address we will keep the coins until you confirm, so you will still have time to change your wallet addresses if needed, but once you confirmed your wallet address in the EMAIL that address will be locked in our system and ready for coin distribution. We are proud to have you in our community and we will do our best to reward your patience! -Tokenpay Team

Update 3 –  Emails are being sent to all members who have submitted Wallet address

All members who have submitted wallet address on website must get confirmation email. You have to click on confirmation link. Once you confirm then the wallet address submitted in your account will be locked and you won’t be able to change it later. So please verify your wallet address and confirm if you are sure.

Note- Confirmation link on your email ID is not correct so please change http://localhost/wallet/.. with

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15 thoughts on “How to setup TokenPay Android Wallet?

  1. Hello Team,

    Token not received yet on my mobile wallet. I have already updated my mobile wallet default receive address & confirmed on email as well however still not received yet, request you to check the same & advice.

    Also today I have changed my mobile wallet received address to new one, so can I receive the tokens on my previous default address which is updated on token pay wallet section ??

    Can i change my mobile wallet receive address to default address, please advice as soon as possible.

    1. Tokens will be deposited anytime before mid of Feb as per TokenPay team’s new update. Also you can still check default address on your mobile. Problem with default address is that it can’t be restored so kindly don’t change anything until you get tokens.

  2. Okay, thank you for your information.

    Yes, I can see my default address.
    So I will receive the tokens on my wallet default receive address, right ?

  3. Hello,

    Still not received the tokens on my mobile wallet,

    what i need to do now? To whoom I need to communicate? PLease advice as soon as possible.

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