I found a lot of toke pay holders are finding it difficult to setup token pay wallet. So I am providing you a full brief here on how to setup windows token pay wallet in easy steps.


Login to your Token pay account and then click wallet link on left as shown in below screen-


Now click on Download TokenPay windows wallet as shown below-

A new window will open with download button from here download the token pay windows wallet zip file.

Who are not aware with ZIP files, can download WinZip software from this link in order to extract the contents of the downloaded zip file.


After downloading the ZIP file just extract its content and open extracted folder named “TokenPay Windows”. And then find the file shown in below screen and run the same.


Token Pay windows wallet will run and you will see a working app in front of you which will have several options. So without getting much confused about the interface of the wallet, just click on the wallet tab and then click Receive option inside it. See Screenshot-

There are 2 default addresses which we do not have to use as these are not secured by any password or seed. So now we will create a new wallet address where we will setup our own password and will get a seed which will make our wallet secure.


To create new wallet address just click on Wallet management > Add new wallet on left hand side panel.

You will get a screen where you have to name your wallet and set a password (this is optional but I will recommend you to set this as well for better security of your Tokenpay wallet).

Leave “Would you like to create a Multi-Account HD Key? (BIP44)” checked.

Once you set name and password for your wallet, click on Next Step Button in bottom right.


After clicking on next step you will see another screen which will let you save a recovery phrase of 24 words. Just make sure you note it well somewhere in your notepad or paper.

Then click on next step button.


Now it will ask to enter the previous 24 words in this step. Just write all 24 words and click on next step button. It will show a congratulations screen once you are done!!! And your wallet is all set to use.


Finally, your protected address is ready which you can see by selecting Wallet > Receive option from left panel.

You will be able to see your new wallet address along with the old address which is generated by default.

Now make sure you click and highlight new address (mytestwallet default in my case). Make sure it is of normal type as I earlier mention there are 2 addresses (1 normal and 1 stealth).

Now click on Copy Address button below and it will copy the address on clipboard.


Now you have to paste this address in your token pay account and submit the same. Like this-

After submitting address you will see a message in green box saying “Success! Please check your email to confirm the address”.

Also check this article to backup your windows tokenpay wallet.

Update 1 – Confirmation Email did not receive

You may get confused here as you may not receive any email from TokenPay. To confirm if your address has been submitted correctly, just log out from account and login back and check wallets and if your address is visible there, it means it has been submitted successfully.

Tokenpay team will start transferring tokens from 18th to 31st January 2018.

Update 2 –  Here is an important update from TokenPay Team

Yesterday we had some issues with the website causing confusion regarding the wallet addresses and confirmation emails. In the next couple of hours we will send an email to all members where you have to confirm your wallet address! Make sure it’s the same address that you entered in the submit box. Once you confirm your wallet address it will be locked and you can NOT change your wallet address any more. So we will send the coins to that address. We will not send the coins right away after you click the button “confirmed” We will start sending coins in batches but only to accounts that have confirmed their wallet addresses. If you don’t confirm your wallet address we will keep the coins until you confirm, so you will still have time to change your wallet addresses if needed, but once you confirmed your wallet address in the EMAIL that address will be locked in our system and ready for coin distribution. We are proud to have you in our community and we will do our best to reward your patience! -Tokenpay Team

Update 3 –  Emails are being sent to all members who have submitted Wallet address

All members who have submitted wallet address on website must get confirmation email. You have to click on confirmation link. Once you confirm then the wallet address submitted in your account will be locked and you won’t be able to change it later. So please verify your wallet address and confirm if you are sure.

Note- Confirmation link on your email ID is not correct so please change http://localhost/wallet/.. with https://tokenpay.com/wallet/

Update 4 –  Members who have received their tokens are started getting confirmation email that their tokens have been transferred.

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53 thoughts on “How to setup Windows Desktop wallet for TokenPay?

  1. I’ve tried this twice now. After getting the Congratulations screen, when I go to Wallet – Receive there is nothing shown. I’m using the Windows wallet.

    1. Hi Bill,
      Kindly restart tokenpay windows wallet app and check in [wallet -receive] again if you can see newly added address.

      1. Hallo c7dvv
        bei mir klappt alles soweit ich bekomme auch die email von TokenPay nur ist in dieser email nie der Bestättigungslink dabei um meine endgültige Adresse zu sperren

        1. As far as I understand, the link you received from tokenpay to confirm address doesn’t have hyperlink. For this just copy that link manually and paste this link in your browser window to confirm your address. Hope this will work for you.

    1. Please wait for sometime, you will receive this. Or try to go on website and then wallets and check there if you can resend confirmation email.

  2. Hello

    I mistakenly made a new wallet receive address below the given default address and submit it on token pay website.

    I saw your tutorial later made a new wallet and got the new address, but when I went to the submit address window I don’t see a submit button.

    Will I lose the token? or will they still come to my address I made on the default wallet address?

    1. You can also receive tokens on default address. But protected address by recovery phrase is more secure and can be recovered. Default address can’t be recovered once lost.

  3. Do you know why I do not have a place/box in TokenPay Wallet to paste my newly created TokenPay address I created using the above step-by-step method?

    1. A lot of members are finding same issue with tokenpay website. Possible reasons could be if you are an american or using VPN.

  4. sir i have already purchased tokenpay in sale time. i want to that my tokenpay send my tokenpay window wallet. i am already create a Tpay window wallet and i submit my Tpay adress in website wallet and i recive confirmation email and i confirmed my email. but i not recive my TPAY in my windows wallet after 4 days. so resolve my this problem sir

    1. Dear Mohan,
      That is nice you set everything from the guide. Now please wait as token can be transferred anytime before 31st Jan as these are being transferred manually.

  5. If 2 or more people with tpay accounts using the one computer once multiple addresses/wallets are set up on the windows app will all funds show up?

  6. I have successfully gotten my tokens transferred to my Mac wallet and the balance is showing. Prior to receiving the tokens i backed up the wallet. Now I have restored my wallet with the password and keywords to my Windows wallet. The wallet address is the same so the restore was a success, however in my Windows wallet the token balance is 0, eventhough the wallet has synced. Do you have any idea why that is?

    Best regards

      1. Yes in the MAC wallet they have synced from TokenPay, and are showing. The wallet address is the same, but for some reason it doesn’t seem to sync. I have contacted TokenPay, and will update this post to help others if they face the same problem.

  7. Hello Team,

    I have not received my TPAY into my wallet.

    I have exactly followed the instruction which sent through e-mail. I have created new wallet address and pasted in wallet section and then submit successful and even confirmed e-mail .. Even my wallet section address is locked and look perfect.

    When i run wallet it struck on 60% synchronizing with network no matter i keep my pc on for hours or restart ….

    Still i have not received my TPAY

    All my referrals have received they TPAY except ME.

    Kindly help me with this ….


    1. Dear Azhar,
      You have set everything well in the manner as required. You have to just wait until 21st Jan 2018 as tokens are being transferred to all members. So will get these until 31st Jan 2018.

  8. I have tried to set up my wallet. When I download the zip file and go to open it I get this message ‘The program can’t start because the Qr5Core.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem’.
    What program so I have to ‘try reinstalling’.
    I am running Windows 8.1.

  9. I had initially download the android Tpay wallet on my phone and pasted the wallet address on my Tpay account as well as confirming it without receiving any token. Now I saw your email and try the tutorial on Window wallet download but realised it has a new wallet address. what do I do now to enable me receive the token into the PC Window wallet?

    1. If you have already confirmed the wallet address then you cannot use a new wallet address. Once we submit a wallet address and confirm it from email,it freezes.

  10. How can i migrate my wallet to windows desktop from an already created wallet on android.
    i followed your instructions to setup the wallet on my android successfully
    Please help me with this

  11. sir i want sent my Tokenpay coin in my Tpay windows wallet from My tokenpay website web page.
    i complete create my Tpay windows wallet and i submit my Tpay windows wallet address in tokenpay website web page in wallet section. andi confirmed my mail but i not recive my Tpay coin in my Windows wallet yet after 10 days.

    i alredy four time sent my complain in your Tokenpay support team but your team not correct reply for me.
    so please sir resolve my problem.

    1. Do not worry your tokens will be received anytime till mid of Feb. They have increased the deadline to send all tokens as they still need to transfer a lot of tokens to users accounts.

  12. when i click on tokenpay.exe to install my wallet, i get the version of file is not compatible with the version of windows that i am running. check with your computer system information to see whether you need an 32bit or 64 bit version of program and then contact the software publisher. i am running on 32 bits. what can i do?

  13. sir i have already purchased tokenpay in sale time. i want to that my tokenpay send my tokenpay window wallet. i am already create a Tpay window wallet and i submit my Tpay adress in website wallet and i recive confirmation email and i confirmed my email. but i not recive my TPAY in my windows wallet after 10 days. so resolve my this problem sir

    1. You have completed the process properly now you have to wait to receive your tokens. As per latest updates token transfer time could be mid of FEB.

  14. I submitted my desktop wallet address n confirmed it before 10days back but yet the tokens are not showing in my wallet its already 29th January only 2days left for 31th January.. Is it compulsory to submit our transferred screenshot and where we need to submit our screenshots if required..plz help me

    1. There is an update from tokenpay team that due to manual process for transferring tokens they need additional time to send all tokens so they have exceeded deadline till mid of Feb. Sending screenshot could speed up the transferring process but transfer will take place anytime before mid Feb.

  15. Hi, I am having an issue. I have both an android and windows wallet. My tpay coins show and then a few days later they are gone and reappear. Would you be able to tell me whats going on with that?

    1. There are some technical issues going on with Android app as updated by TokenPay team so they will re-appear. Keep me updated.

  16. Thank you for the reply…..one last thing……I downloaded the windows wallet as well….do I import an address I received from my android wallet? Or do I create a new address and send the tpay from my android wallet to the windows wallet?

    1. You can try to import android wallet on windows. You have to use recovery phrase. It is not guarantee that it will import and both android and windows wallet have different numbers of recovery phrase.

        1. Yes it would work as import wallet won’t work from android to windows, I just confirmed from team. Also, right now android app is down so when it is up again then try to transfer tokens from android to windows using new windows address. Hope it resolves you query now 🙂

  17. Just wanted to update with the previous issue…the tpay appeared very briefly and went back to 0…any idea if this issue will be resolved? Just sucks missing out on the staking….

  18. Dear Tpay team.
    Why is the wallet not sincronizing? I’ve got everything perfect, I have received my Tpay Tokens in my wallet. In a privite locked one. But syncronizing the wallet always fails and I cannat start staking. Of course i unlock the wallet before i sart staking. Its just a syncin to network problem i think.
    Can you help me?

    1. Hi John,
      Yes for sure tokenpay will go on exchange. Exact time is not there but we might expect it on exchanges between March-April 2018.

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