Bitcoin is a big boom in today’s world. It gave investors a new perspective to gain wealth. People are more confident investing with bitcoin now and their confidence is emerging with different crypto currencies as well.

Looking at the growth of bitcoin everyone is crazy about investing their money with other coins. These are known as Alt coins.

ALT coin trading has become quite popular these days and many of the exchanges have listed different ALT coins to be traded on their platforms.

Let’s have a look on some popular exchanges where you can trade in alt coins or crypto currencies.



Binance is based in Hong Kong/Tokyo. This exchange is also a big one and operating with high level of security/

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Bittrex is USA based crypt currency trading exchange. It is quite popular among masses due to its high security.

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Poloniex is also US based exchange for crypto currencies trading. This exchange also offers you lending and margin trading. It is also very much secured like Bittrex.

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Hitbtc is another powerful exchange and operating since 2013. You can find many coins here which are exclusively listed on Hitbtc.

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