The major concern for all bitcoin investors is security and safety. Digital currency is at high risk when it comes to security. Hackers keep an eye to theft your funds. You should always prepare all your security majors before any investment.

Looking at all these security concerns almost all the exchanges have implemented strong security options. 2FA Authentication is one of the most important security feature available on cyrpto trading exchanges these days. This is highly recommend you to set 2FA authentication properly before making any trade.

What is 2FA Authentication?

It is also known as two-Factor Authentication. 2FA is basically a second layer of security which makes an account or device more secure by adding extra layer of security over your password. In older times we used to only set a password for any of our online account but this was not the full proof of higher security measure for account. If hacker is able to hack your password then they can simply enter to the account or device as they do not have to unlock any additional layer of security. This is the reason 2FA provides as extra layer of security which ensures that even if the hackers get the access of password or your password is compromised due to any reason, your account is still safe with this extra security layer called “two-factor authentication”.

Where to set 2FA Authentication for an Account?

Now you are aware with the basic concept of two-factor authentication. Si it’s the time to to learn how to get this 2FA code for your account. There are various applications available for setting 2FA account security. Some popular apps are-

Google Authenticator – This is quite a popular app by google to set 2FA security for your account. You have to first download the app on your device. This app is available for Android and IOS both.

Authy– Authy is another lovable app for setting 2FA account security. It comes with lot of features and you can set your 2FA easily from the app. It is also available on Android and IOS both.

So before entering any trade please make sure you have set 2FA security in your account. 2FA is supported by all major exchanges like Bittrex, Poloniex, Hitbtc and binance.

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