Reflections on Web3, NFTs, DeFi, and much more


We are back (again)


I launched CryptoLoverz back in 2020 in order to stay sane during the height of COVID-19, build a sense of community, and to keep everyone informed about the crypto space. In mid 2021, the site was maliciously attacked and I got a new job. As a result I decided to table this project until now.

What is CryptoLoverz?

CryptoLoverz is a more than a website and I think about it as a space to build a community of frens that are really into all things crypto (NFTs, Blockchain Applications, Investing, DeFi etc). If WAGMI (We are all going to make it), we need to share our knowledge, mistakes, and network.

To me crypto is an opportunity to develop new things that can benefit the world and empower historically marginalized communities. As one of my mentors said to me one time “Crypto is public Venture Capital.”

CryptoLoverz is a place where we can share ideas, different opinions,be radically transparent, and stay authentic and positive.

I have gotten rugged (scammed), lost money, made money, met great people and because of all my experiences in crypto I feel like I am a better individual. Or at least now that I know more things that are worth sharing.

What do I want to achieve with CryptoLoverz?

  1. Create value by sharing my experiences, connecting with the overall community, learning/unlearning and ultimately evolve.
  2. Inform people about the ongoing developments of this space and make you true loverz.
  3. Build a network of frens so we can go to the moon together.
  4. Make it big, hit that golazo, that home run and be financially free.
  5. No roadmaps, no bs, no drama, just me and you mano a mano.

Who am I?

At some point I will fully dox myself, when I am ready. I have several years of experience in Traditional Finance and worked for the Man dealing with a lot of interesting corporations and funds. In 2017, I got bit by the crypto bug and it made me realize that the door to new possibilities was at the tip of my fingers. In 2018, I lost some hope because my portfolio was almost 90% everyone said crypto was a scam and I nearly lost my faith. Come 2020-2022 I decided to get back into it and got a job in this industry, whatever lil crypto I hodled mooned, and in the typical human behavior I aped in it. Now I am too invested in this space to let go, but at the same time I have never been as bullish in the space as in this particular moment in time.

This also concerns me because the information is flowing still through certain channels and not spreading fast enough, hence my fear is that a lot of people will still miss out on the early days (yes we are still super early). Web3 is new and while BTC is more than a decade old it’s still being built and secured by the cyber hornets.  Anyways you are all welcome and let’s tear the roof of this mfer.

Are you in?

a) Yes

b) Yes

c) Hell Yes!!!

If you chose one of the above Welcome and LFG!!!


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